I already posted last week about this, so here’s a reminder for those who wish to take part in the Lebanon version of Pharrel William’s Happy Song. All you need to do is the following:

– Film yourself either alone or with your friends or anyway you want for at least 10-15 seconds dancing the Pharrell Williams’s Happy song. You could film yourself dancing at home, on a sidewalk, in the park, in the parking lot, on the roof, anywhere you like.

– Make sure the camera is fixed and set properly just like you can see it in the video clip above.

– Check that the video is a good quality one, save it as .mov or .mp4
& email me najib@blogbaladi.com. If you are filming using a smart phone, use it horizontally and avoid using the zoom.

I’ve already received few videos and am expecting more this week. Moreover, I was contacted by students from two different universities in Lebanon who are working on a similar project and are willing to help which is great. Having said that, I will set the coming Saturday February 22nd as a final deadline for receiving videos, so hurry up and email me at najib@blogbaladi.com if you wish to take part.