Hummus has long been a staple dish in the Lebanese cuisine all over the world. In recent years, it even became a symbol of national pride and a cause of “war” when Lebanon was challenged for the world’s largest hummus dish record.

However, our Lebanese hummus should be celebrated not fought over, and Al Wadi Al Akhdar’s latest initiative #HummusForLebanon aims at gathering Hummus from the world back to Lebanon, in an attempt to help hungry Lebanese Children get access to food. With each Al Wadi HummusForLebanon kit purchased, a can will be donated to a Lebanese child through SOS, Himaya, Oumniati, and Ayadina; four reliable NGOs that are active all-around Lebanon.

The campaign was launched in collaboration with NoGarlicNoOnions, and a website was put in place to keep track of the donations.

How can you take part in the the #HummusForLebanon chain?
1- Buy a HummusForLebanon kit online, either on @Lebzone.official or @madeinlebanon_com
2- Take a picture of your hummus plate
3- DM the picture to alwadialakhdar, and mention the country you’re in

All the pictures will get featured in the #HummusForLebanon highlight on Al Wadi’s Instagram page.

With everything that’s been happening in Lebanon for the past two years, it’s always amazing to see authentic Lebanese brands jump in to help and try create a chain that brings back hope to our little future leaders.

Check out the video of this campaign here and spread the word!