The second round of the #FitB4Christmas ended on December 24 and I was the winner this time! I managed to drop almost 7.3 kilos, only 0.7 kilos short of the 8 kilos planned, while Techie Dad had four kilos left to lose.

This round was much more challenging than the first one as it was for a longer period of time with more kilos to lose and fitness goals to complete. My average daily steps count was over 11K over the past two months, which is great but I didn’t do any pushups or exercises.

Food-wise, I didn’t consult with a dietitian but only avoided heavy meals, desserts, fried stuff and bread. My daily routine would include a tea cup in the morning with a small Labneh or Cheese toast, a salad and salmon/chicken or meat at lunch, and Labneh with Zaatar toasts for dinner. I would have raw almonds, some yogurt with dried nuts or oats or fruits in between meals.

I was 101.5 on December 24th but I obviously gained some weight over Christmas LOL! Nevertheless, I’m not planning to stop anytime and will resume my diet next week after the New Year celebrations. My goal is to get to 98 kilos by end of January and start exercising properly 😁✌️

Tough Luck Techie Dad! Get ready for a new challenge soon.