If you’re wondering who’s equipping the Lebanese Security Forces with anti-riot equipment to crush the anti-government protests, it’s mainly France and the list of items being sold to Lebanon is listed online on the following [website].

This is a non-exhaustive list of course but you can find pictures from recent Beirut protests showing the items found.

Here are the items:
Lanceur Cougar 56m Alsetex Photo Photo
Lanceur Cougar 12 56m Alsetex Photo Photo
Grenade Lacrymogène G1 Alsetex Photo
Grenade Lacrymogène CM6 Alsetex Photo Photo
Grenade Lacrymogène CM3 Alsetex Photo
Grenade Lacrymogène MP7 Nobel Photo
Gomm-Cogne 12/70 SAPL Photo Photo
Gomm-Cogne 12/67 SAPL Photo

And here are a couple of pictures documenting their use: