I had totally forgotten about this small piece of heaven until Mark posted about the amazing day he spent there. We used to organize a yearly biking trip all the way from Hrajil to Afqa and rest at the restaurant located underneath the cave and overlooking the Afqa falls. La Reserve wasn’t founded back then but was pretty much needed to preserve the location and organize all-day activities for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers.

If you don’t know what to do with your weekends, I highly recommend you book a full day at La Reserve. You can also go camping the night before in Faraya like Mark did. Check out more about La Reserve [Here].

Picture taken from 248am

You can reach La Réserve through five different paths:

– Beirut > Meirouba > Lassa > Afqa > Mnaitra (80 minutes drive)
– Beirut > Nahr-Ibrahim > Kartaba > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Beirut > Byblos > Laklouk > Akoura > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Tripoli > Byblos > Laklouk > Akoura > Mnaitra (90 minutes drive)
– Zahleh > Hadath-Baalbeck > Afqa (100 minutes drive)