#LawChouMaSar is a new online campaign that was launched few days ago and is a collective call for action from all the productive and creative sectors to keep working in Lebanon no matter what. It’s a nice initiative and I like the fact that CEOs, heads of syndicates and organizations are taking part in it but the fact that most of them are aged 50+ doesn’t really help the campaign.

These people can afford to stay here (up to a certain extent of course) or leave while others don’t have anything to lose and just want to leave this country and try their luck elsewhere. Businesses are struggling and closing everywhere, students are graduating and not finding any jobs or finding mediocre ones and the ever-increasing cost of living is moving more and more Lebanese families are living below poverty line.

What we really need is for the private sector to create a more favorable work environment, to help reduce unemployment, to encourage professionals and young people, to work more actively on problems such as the garbage crisis, to promote productivity in under-performing sectors. The simplest way to provide new opportunities is have a better infrastructure and a better internet yet I barely see anyone pressuring the authorities to fix this serious issue and catch up with our surrounding.

I am sure a lot of those featured in this video are working for that sake. What they need to do is highlight what they’re doing and give Lebanese a more convincing reason to keep working in Lebanon.