Lebanese pop/rock band Adonis just released the first single from its upcoming studio album “Thoqb Aswad” (Black Hole). Having postponed its tour, which was scheduled for Spring 2020, the band has instead accelerated the production of its upcoming album.

Written in spoken classical Arabic, the song departs from Adonis’ signature Lebanese dialect.


About the song, the band’s lead singer Anthony from Adonis says:

“Thoqb Aswad” has been designed like a short movie. It’s quite long for a pop song (almost 6 minutes), with a lot of shifts in pacing, structure, and orchestration. It was quite challenging to produce, because we were doing it in long-distance mode, sending endless home recordings of our parts and lines to the song’s producer Sleiman Damien, who had to make something coherent out of them. Even the lyrics offer an interesting plot twist: the track is about a grim apocalypse, a rescue mission, and two lovers stuck in all this mess. Having written it last month in New York, at the break of the current health crisis, the song reflects the existential and reflective mood we’re finding ourselves in at the moment.”

The song is up today on Anghami, and will be available on Youtube as of tomorrow.

The band will go live on Friday, April 17 at 8:30PM local time Beirut on their official Instagram account to perform to their audience some of their best songs during this quarantine.


Meanwhile, you can enjoy a preview of the single “Thoqb Aswad” alongside the lyrics below:


ثقب أسود (Black hole) lyrics:
ثقب أسود آتٍ من الفضاء
(A black hole is coming from space)

لينهي كل شيء، ليبتلع السماء
(to end it all, to swallow the sky)

لن يبقى وجهٌ ولا أسماء
(There won’t be any names or faces left)

لن يبقى صوتٌ ولا أصداء
(There won’t be any echoes or voices left)

لن يبقى مكانٌ للإختباء
(There will be nowhere left to hide)

لن يبقى إلا وفائي إليك
(Only my loyalty to you will stay)

يعوم صامتاً في الفضاء
(Floating silently in space)

ولمعة شمسٍ على كتفيك
(And the sunshine, gleaming on your shoulders)

تعود بالزمان للوراء
(Bringing back time)

لن يبقى وهجٌ ولا أضواء
(There won’t be any glow or lights left)

لن يبقى كلٌ ولا أجزاء
(There won’t be wholes or parts left)

أو فرصةٌ أخيرة للدعاء
(Not even the chance for last wishes)

إرحل، قد تنجو من الضياع
(Go, there’s still hope for you)

لن يبقى وقتٌ حتى الإقلاع
(There’s not much time before take-off)

أو لحظةٌ أخيرة للوداع
(Not even one last moment to say goodbye)