A couple of hours ago, we learned that the Aazaz abductees have become in the custody of the Turks and they should be in Lebanon within 24-48 hours. This is indeed good news but there are other Lebanese prisoners in Syrian prisons and hostages that need to be freed as well and they should be given the same attention as the Aazaz pilgrims. [Link]

A team of reporters from Sky News Arabia has gone missing in the contested city of Aleppo in northern Syria, the Abu Dhabi-based channel said Thursday.

Sky News Arabia said it lost contact on Tuesday morning with reporter Ishak Moctar, a Mauritanian national, cameraman Samir Kassab, a Lebanese national, as well as their Syrian driver whose name is being withheld at his family’s request.

Sky News Arabia chief Nart Bouran said the crew was on assignment primarily to focus on the humanitarian aspects of the conflict in Aleppo. The channel appealed for any information on the team’s whereabouts and for help to ensure the journalists’ safe return.