25-year old AUB Alumunus Fouad Maksoud is representing Lebanon in the Stars of Science show and sharing his expertise in nano-medicine. Maksoud graduated with a master’s degree from the Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (SFEA) in 2016. He holds a degree from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering along with parallel graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

Not only was Maksoud able to impress the judges with his creation, but he scores a 96: the highest score in #StarsOfScience history.

Best of luck to Fouad and let’s hope he emerges as a winner by the end of the show!

Here’s more about his project:

About the Project: Fouad’s Nano-shielding Textile Machine harnesses nanotechnology to apply petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals to ordinary textiles, such as shirts and socks. It can make clothing waterproof, or integrate healing medicine within the fibers of bandages. If he succeeds, Fouad is confident the possibilities for the innovation will be endless. In order to validate his project, Fouad focused on two applications. The first makes ordinary apparel instantly waterproof. The second integrated specific medicinal chemical compounds within fibers. The medicinal compounds can be wide ranging, and can be used for a variety of treatments such as wound healing, treating diabetic ulcers, and relieving muscle strain. “For hundreds of years, advancements in clothing technology have not kept pace with other fields,” said Fouad. “By using nanotechnology for clothing, we can take a giant leap forward. This can go far beyond your suit staying dry in an unforeseen rainstorm. I see future applications of this technology in the medical, sports, and even military sectors.”