Here’s what TIME said about Karl and Patrick

The tweets from this account can be as satirical and cringe-worthy as they are on-point and timely. The bold musings of Karl Sharro, a prominent Lebanese-Iraqi writer and commentator on Middle East affairs who spends his days as an architect in London, are shared widely as regional news breaks and frequently provide a lighter tone to what can otherwise be a dark storyline. —Andrew Katz

As the Middle East and North Africa photo manager for AFP, Patrick Baz has his finger on the pulse of breaking news in one of the most complex regions in the world. His feed is a vital and often real-time source of the best photojournalism and reporting coming out of Syria, Afghanistan and Egypt. —Mia Tramz

If you haven’t followed yet Karl on Twitter or checked his website, you are missing out a lot as he’s one of the funniest and wittiest people you could ever read. Patrick Baz‘s Instagram account is a must-follow too.

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