C’était une aventure extraordinaire !
Merci pour tous vos encouragements
Je vous aime ❤️
À très bientôt !
It was an unforgettable adventure ! 
Thank you for all your supports !
See you again soon ❤️

With these words on his Facebook page, Mory Hatem concluded yesterday night his journey in the Voice Canada (La Voix Québec), after going all the way to the quarterfinals of the competition, and falling short of the semis, despite delivering an outstanding performance of Starmania’s iconic song “SOS d’un terrien en détresse”. [Link]

Lara Fabian, his coach, gave him a slight edge with her votes (35 points) alongside Canadian Geneviève Jodoin, while Frédérique Germain got only 30 points. But it was the audience who gave the edge to Genevieve in the Lives (étape des Directs) with 64% of the votes, while Mory got 31% of them and Frédérique 5%. [Link]

The total number of points Mory got (66) wasn’t enough to beat the astonishing “Hello” (Adele cover) Geneviève blasted yesterday night, which got her 99 points in the end, and qualified her to the semifinals of the competition.