A lot of rankings are coming out these days and none of them are showing any sign of improvement in Lebanon unfortunately. In fact, Lebanon dropped 14 spots in the Global Innovation Index this year due “to political instability, low public spending on education, and the the immature state of cluster development, and the immature ICT and business model creation”.

Lebanon was ranked 75th out of 142 countries on the Global Innovation Index 2013, down by 14 places compared to last year. The country scored 35.47 over 100, trailing behind Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The Global Innovation Index 2013 is co-published by the Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The index comprises six measurements: Institutions and political stability, human capital and research, infrastructure and market sophistication, business sophistication, knowledge and technology outputs, and creative outputs. [Link]

Thank you Tarek!