We’re building a new cross in Lebanon that is bigger than the one in Bekich. The Ijdabra cross, located in the Batroun area, will be 60 meters long and is being built on a land owned by the church of Mar Saba at 400m above sea level. The Qanat Bakish is 73.8 meters tall so I’m guessing the new cross will be wider but I couldn’t find further info.

The cross project, which is almost finished, is divided into 3 areas:

1- The first area will be dedicated for prayer and religious tourism.
2- The second area will be dedicated to youth camps so the youth could be aware of the importance of dialogue, peace and the love of nature. A permanent center will be built for that purpose.
3- The third and last area includes the forest and will be dedicated to rest, relaxation and walkabouts.
This area will be a haven for families, notably the less fortunate ones, and to everyone wanting to spend the holidays through participating in sporting, recreational and environment-friendly events.

The cross would definitely boost religious tourism in the area and I love the fact that you can actually go up to the top, unlike the Bekich one. It’s not clear when the cross will be offically open.