Civil Marriage Now Allowed in Abu Dhabi

The UAE has issued a new law regulating personal status matters for non-Muslims and applying civil principles in organizing family cases. In other words, non-muslims will be allowed to marry, divorce and get joint child custody under civil law in Abu Dhabi. The aim is to "enhance the position and global competitiveness of the emirate as one of the most attractive destinations for talent and skills". I would add to it encouraging tourism as well…

Lebanon Has 2,405 Churches, 1,502 Mosques & 3,315 Schools & Universities

A study by International Information, a Beirut-based research & consultancy firm, revealed that there are 3,907 churches and mosques in Lebanon as well as 3,315 schools and universities. The study also listed the churches/mosques for every sect, and mentioned which town has the largest number of churches and the largest number of mosques . Here's the breakdown by sect: Maronite: 1647 churches Orthodox: 391 churches Catholic: 234 churches Armenian & others: 133 churches Sunnite: 599…

Visit Our Lady of Lebanon (Harissa) Virtually

6 months ago
The month of May is a time of honor and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary for Catholics around the world. In Lebanon, the most visited shrine is Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa whereas ...

Make a Virtual Visit To Seven Lebanese Churches This Year

8 months ago
Last year, I shared a blogpost on churches you can visit virtually around the world for the The Seven Churches Visitation tradition. This year, XYZ Lebanon setup a website to give all Lebanese Christians the ...

Make a Virtual Visit to Seven Churches This Year

1 year ago
Since the Seven Churches visitation is not possible this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are seven churches from around the world that you can virtually visit online: 1- St. Peter’s Basilica [Virtual Tour] ...

Beirut Maronite Archbishop Set to Help Poor Families Enroll in Schools

2 years ago
New Beirut Maronite Archbishop Boulos AbdelSater, who replaced Boulos Matar back in June, is taking several measures to try help needy families and members of his church. First rumors spread that he sold some of ...

11,000 Candles Light Up Bkaakafra on St. Charbel’s Feast Day

2 years ago
Lebanon’s most beloved saint, Mar Charbel is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. On this occasion, over 10,000 candles were lit up in Mar Charbel’s town of Bkaakafra. I found few pictures shared by ...

Patriarch Elias Hoayek Declared Venerable by Pope Francis

2 years ago
Elias Boutros Howayek, the 72nd Patriarch of Antioch for the Maronites, and widely considered as the founder of modern Lebanon, was declared venerable yesterday by Pope Francis. Howayek was elected Patriarch of Antioch from 1899 ...

BBC Charts: Lebanese Still as Religious in 2019 as They Were in 2013

2 years ago
BBC displayed the findings of the largest and most in-depth survey undertaken of the Middle East and North Africa on religion in seven different charts, and the outcome was that Arabs are increasingly saying they ...

Alex Goldberg: First Rabbi to Visit Tripoli in 40 Years

2 years ago
The Grand Mufti of Tripoli had an unusual visitor this week, London Rabbi Alex Goldberg. Rabbi Goldberg is the first rabbi to travel to the city since 1970s but not the first to visit Lebanon. ...