Last year, I shared a blogpost on churches you can visit virtually around the world for the The Seven Churches Visitation tradition.

This year, XYZ Lebanon setup a website to give all Lebanese Christians the opportunity to visit seven churches, while staying safe at home, through the most immersive experience.

During the visit, you will follow the seven milestones that Jesus went through during his Passion on his way to the cross. These stations include a pause of prayer and meditation with the intercessors of the mentioned churches. All you have to do is to click on the purple dots.

The churches included are the following:

Our lady of the Immaculate Conception Church – Bouar
Crypte de L’Eglise Saint Joseph Des Peres J├ęsuites – Monot
Saint Joseph De Lyon Church – Deir el Harf
Our Lady Church – Kfardebian
Saint Peter & Paul Church – Bekaata Achkout
Saint Antonios Church – Kfardebian
Saydit el Najat Church – Bqaatouta
Saydit el Najat Church – Charfeh Monastery – Daraoun
Couvent Sacre-Coeur des Capucins – Sourat

Check them out [here].