Freedom on the Net 2014 is a comprehensive study of internet freedom around the globe. Internet freedom is in decline around the world and Lebanon is no exception. We moved from a 45/100 score in 2013 to 47/100 in 2014 which is not a good sign. The three emerging threats according to Freedom House are:

– Data localization requirements—by which private companies are required to maintain data storage centers within a given country—are multiplying, driven in part by NSA revelations, which spurred more governments to bring international web companies under domestic jurisdiction. These costly measures could expose user data to local law enforcement.
– Women and LGBTI rights are undermined by digital threats and harassment, resulting in self-censorship that inhibits their participation in online culture.
– Cybersecurity is eroding as government critics and human rights organizations are subject to increasingly sophisticated and personalized malware attacks, documented in 32 of the 65 countries examined.

Check out the full report [Here].

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