Lebanon’s Minister of Culture tweeted today that Lebanon will suspend cultural coordination with Denmark and Sweden and their corresponding embassies in Beirut. The decision comes after the Koran burnings that took place in both countries, which angered a lot of Muslims around the world.

It’s a hasty decision if you ask me, but an improvement from 2006 when protesters set fire to the Denmark embassy in Beirut. It is understandable that burning Islam’s holy book is insulting and disrespectful to many, and I honestly believe it is a stupid and reckless act, but it is happening in Denmark & Sweden where the laws allows such actions.

I mentioned the decision is hasty because free speech laws exist all across the world, especially in Europe, and we can’t go around suspending cultural ties just because we don’t agree with a country’s laws. As long as the cultural coordinations are conducted respectfully, we should focus on working on what enriches both sides and engage in discussing cultural differences to understand them better.