Since everyone’s posting about their #10years challenge, I thought I create one for Lebanon and how certain things have changed in the past 10 years.

Lebanese Government Formation:
2009: We spent 137 days without a government.
2019: It’s been almost 240 days and we’re still without a government.

2009: We were promised 24/7 electricity
2019: Generator owners to provide 24/7 electricity soon.

2009: Water shortage
2019: Worsening water shortage

2009: Lebanon had one of the slowest fixed broadband internet worldwide.
2019: Lebanon is ranked 117th out of 121 countries, still among the slowest worldwide.


2009: Highway Traffic was from Jal el Dib to City Mall

2019: Highway Traffic is from Casino – Jounieh – Kaslik – Zouk- Dbayyeh – Antelias – Jal el Dib – Dora – Karantina

Flooded Roads:

2009-2019: Every time it rains, all roads get flooded!

The first is an actually picture from 2009 which I found on +961 blog.

Check out how different the coast is on Google maps between 2009 and 2019. Instead of promoting recycling, we’re dumping garbage in the sea now.



Martyrs Square:
Instead of beautifying the square, they wiped out all signs of green spaces and replaced them with concrete.



How much is LBP100,000 worth