A group of people have apparently heard about the first wall of kindness in Iran and decided to bring a little Kindness to Beirut. Lebanon’s first Wall of Kindness is located in Sodeco along the historic Green Line of Beirut city and people have already started to donate clothes, shoes, toys and books.

It is a means to de-institutionalize charity and reignite our faith in humanity and has been quite successful in countries like India & Iran. The idea is to give what you do not need and take only what you need.

How can you join the Kindness movement?

You can simply head out there, donate and spread the word in any way possible. Clothing, shoes, toys, and non-perishable canned foods can be packed in bags and hung on the Wall of Kindness.

I hope we will see more Kindness walls hung around schools and in other areas. You can follow their updates on [Facebook] and [Instagram].

Be Kind Beirut!