Ger Ital

I’ve been supporting Germany since 1990 and it was painful seeing them lose to Italy on so many occasions, especially when Die Mannschaft had the better team.

1962 World Cup in Santiago, Chile

West Germany drew against Italy 0-0 in the group stage at the 1962 World Cup held in Santiago.

1970 World Cup in Mexico:

I’ve seen highlights from this game tens of times. It’s known as the “Game of the century” and ended with Italy defeating Germany 4-3. Beckenbauer was leading the German team.

1978 World Cup in Argentina:

Germany met Italy in Group A and drew 0-0.

1982 World Cup at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid:

Italy convincingly defeated Germany 3-1 in the final game.

Euro Cup 1988 in Germany:

Germany failed to win the Euro at home and lost to the Netherlands in the semi-finals. Rudi Voller, Jürgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthäus & Andreas Brehme were on the team. I found the full game [here].

Euro Cup 1996 in England:

Matthias Sammer led Germany to their first European title as a unified country. Sammer is one of the greatest defensive midfielder/sweepers in the history of football and was my hero as a teenager. (I always used to play defense or a defensive midfielder in football).

2006 World Cup in Germany

Germany failed once again to win the World Cup at home and lost against Italy in the semi-finals. They had a strong squad but Klinsmann’s defense wasn’t good enough and Italy managed to score twice. The first goal was an amazing shot.

2012 Euro Cup in Poland & Ukraine

Germany played a weak game against the Italians but I have to say Balotelli was a bit too lucky also.

And of course there’s the 2016 epic quarter final that took place yesterday and saw Germany end the Italian curse once and for all!