I spotted few weeks back a Snickers ad about participating in the longest football game ever. I checked the website and it turns out it’s some online game where you need to score the highest points possible to:
1- enter a draw for winning 15 mini football tables.
2- participate in the longest football game ever (36 hours)

I played the game a few times and thought i got a decent score but when checking the leadership board, i was shocked to see i was some 800,000 points behind the leader. I played the game the longest for 15 minutes and scored around 10,000 points. Who has that much free time on his hand to score 800,000 points ?

I did some simple calculations to see how many hours or days it takes to score such a high score:
– You have to score 3 goals in each turn, with the highest possible return being 120 points, so a maximum of 360 points per round.
– You need around 20 seconds to finish the round, that is if you mastered the game. They add a person to block your shot every two rounds or so, so in 10 rounds, you find yourself faced with at least 6 blockers and the goalie, and it goes on.

To score 100,000 points you need almost 5600 seconds, which equals an hour and a half.
To score 800,000 points you need at least 10 hours !!

I would understand such dedication if the prizes are worthy, but a 36 hours football game ?

I am assuming most of those are “World of Warcraft” players lol. They have no life.