In order for us to plan better our 2011 year, here are some of Michel Hayek’s predictions:

You can click here for the full list in arabic.

– Fayez Karam will not be a forgotten name in prison.
– A lot of investment will be directed towards the medical sector
– Ain Alak bombing will be repeated through several terrorist attempts
– Adel Imam’s leadership under threat
– An incident related to MTV
– KSA to accomplish major sports achievements
– A major twist in the Suzanne Tamim indictment
– Demonstration including large crowds all wearing uniform clothes.
– Rumors and some incidents in Star Academy.
-UAE will be busy with the security of some of its towers
– Darkness presides over some heads of the Copt Church

I was hoping for some bad news that might drop the real estate prices a little bit at the beginning of the year, but it appears prices will stagnate.