ariel princest diaries

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, presumably from Lebanon. He/She came up recently with a series of disturbing posters called “Princest Diairies” to highlight the fact that many sexual abuse victims are abused by their own family members. For that purpose, she used Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel because she felt that it’s a visual language that her targeted audience would be attracted to.

The campaign has gone viral online and was featured on [Time], [HuffingtonPost], [NYDailyNews] and others.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to integrate the Disney characters. You can check out other ads and campaigns by Saint Hoax on [Facebook] and [Here].

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist. Infatuated by the element of POP, Hoax works with both tangible and digital mediums to recreate a world based on visual lies. Combining pop art with tyrants and world leaders became Saint Hoax’s signature.
POPlitical Infatuation : Preface
History is defined as the study of past events. I heard about the victorious defeats, the malicious affairs and the all night long wars.
I read about the dictators, fantasized about the monarchs and lived below the tyrants. I opened my assigned history book
and I realized that page 1 is a carbon copy of page 10. While page 10 is a mere reflection of page 20. An arti-vicious cycle of no trial, just error. And the only way to remain entertained is by rewriting history through visual lies. One hoax after the other.

Thanks Natasha!