sa2eh-library-nath-h Al Sa2eh Library in Tripoli

If you are looking for places in Beirut that sell used books, here’s the list that AgendaCulturel came up with:

1- Bargain Box (Next to Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon in Hamra). All proceeds from the Bargain Box go the Social Services Department at AUBMC, who donate that money to needy patients.
2- Uncle Joe’s on Hamra street.
3- Monot Street Book Market. The market is organized on the first Saturday of every month on Monot Street.
4- Jeane D’Arc Book Bazar which is located on Sidani Street.
5- Souk al-Ahad, which is the Sunday Market in Corniche el Nahr where you can find almost everything including books.

In addition to these markets and shops, there are three public libraries in Geitawi in the Jesuite Garden, another next to Theatre Monot in Achrafieh and a third one in Bachoura. You can read more about Beirut libraries [Here].

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