On Tuesday, the cabinet increased the minimum wage to LL700,000 from LL500,000. It also raised by LL200,000 the wages of workers earning less than LL1 million. As for those who earn between LL1 million and LL1.8 million, they would get a LL300,000 raise. [Naharnet]

While this is great news, there seems to be something wrong with the decision taken as it excluded everyone earning between 1,000,000 and 1,800,000 LL. In fact, I just read on the Kataeb portal that the government might reconsider the draft to include everyone.

Why is it wrong?
Because it doesn’t make sense to add 300,000 LL for someone earning 1,750,000 and exempting another one earning 1,810,000 LL. What should be done is sorting the salaries into ranges and giving a percentage for each range:

For example:
– 200,000 LL for people below 1,000,000
– 300,000 LL for people between 1,000,000 and 1,800,000 LL.
– 10% or 400,000 LL (depending which is higher) for people between 1,800,000 and 5,000,000