bahia hariri visiting tomb
Bahia Hariri visiting ex-PM Rafic Hariri’s (her brother) tomb in Beirut

Like her or not, she definitely did the right thing and other MPs should do the same. In fact, none of them should be earning any salaries until the economic situation gets better and we are out of this mess.

Al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Bahia Hariri “returned” on Sunday more than LL525 million to the Lebanese people, the salary that she has received since her election in 2009.

During a ceremony held at Beiteddine palace, the summer residence of President Michel Suleiman, Hariri said: “I apologize to the Lebanese people for not doing my job since 2009. I have received from the people a paycheck that I don’t deserve.”

She said she “had the honor” to “return to them” more than LL 525 million to establish the “I Love You Lebanon 2020” fund. [Source]

A Lebanese Member of Parliament earns almost $140,000 a year according to the new wage scale that was suggested (Not sure if it got approved) last year.

[Full Infographic] via LebanonAggregator