Red Bull Doodle Art winners are out and it’s Samer Nehme from Alba who emerged as a region winner. Red Bull Doodle Art is organized yearly where doodlers are asked to get creative and use a specific template to draw their doodles. There were a total of 79 entries from Lebanon, out of which 20 were selected as finalists.

Samer Nehme’s doodle is pretty awesome. I also loved the ones by Yara Karazi & Cynthia Cherfane (Finalists) and the ones by Gizelle Kfoury & Lara Abi Saber (Entries). I’m surprised though that there are so many depressing and sad doodles.

You can check them out all out [here].

Yara Karazi
Cynthia Cherfane
Lara Abi Saber
Gizelle Kfoury