Here’s a list of my favorite ice cream chocolate bars, from the real cheap frozen Trio bar to Wall’s Magnum Almond.

1- Vanilla & Strawberry Imperiale (with the strawberry inside) – Bonjus

Chocolate and almond coat, with a vanilla filling and some strawberry as well.

2- Chocolate Cornet – Cortina

This is my favorite cone among Lebanese brands. I’m struggling to find shops selling Cortina though this year for some reason.

3- Double Cream – Cortina

I have no idea what makes the Double Cream so good but it’s not your average chocolate-milk bar.

4- Oreo Sandwich

The Oreo bar sucks. On the other hand, the sandwich rocks! I found it at O&C.

5- Trio – Danway Icerberg

The best frozen tripe-flavor bar. I love the chocolate coating on top.

6- Snickers & Twix ice cream bars:

Source: Flickr

If you love the chocolate, you will love the ice-cream even more.

7- Tango (Mango) – Danway Icerberg

There’s a diet version of it. Not sure how light it is but it’s good.

8- Calippo Orange (Wall’s)

It’s refreshing and I love leaving it to melt and drinking it up 😀

9- Magnum Almond (Wall’s)

My favorite all-time Magnum.

10- Daim ice-cream

I like it but I still prefer the chocolate bar.


I used to love Cortina’s push-up and the Ringo but they stopped producing them.

PS: There’s no specific order. I’m just listing all my 10 favorites 🙂