via Al-Jazeera

The deadline set by the Naameh residents expired yesterday and the road to the landfill is closed once again as no solution was reached. Meanwhile, Sukleen joined Twitter yesterday and has been posting #FactsBehindTheRubbish tweets to explain their point of view and basically blame the Lebanese authorities for the crisis.


Like I said in a previous post, the Lebanese government is the only one to blame for this mess as it is responsible for designating new landfill locations. However, if Sukleen is not doing enough recycling and is truly violating the law by throwing all types of garbage in the Naameh landfill, then someone should be investigating this matter and providing answers.

After all, Naameh residents are not having fun blocking roads and Sukleen trucks, and they have every right to ask for this landfill to be closed specially if it is affecting their health. Let’s not forget the landfill was supposed to operate for 6 years only yet has become the country’s primary landfill for 17 years now.