After checking this report and reading some of the comments and article shared online, it seems that the Nahmeh residents have every right to protest and close the road to the Sukleen trucks. Nevertheless, Sukleen is not to blame as well directly as it’s only tasked with collecting garbage. The sole party responsible for this mess are the Lebanese authorities of course who didn’t properly follow up on this matter from the start and allowed things to get to this point.

If Sukleen is not doing a good job and does not have proper plans to recycle waste or get rid of public waste in an eco-friendly way, that’s another story which Lebanese authorities need to handle as well by signing a new company. Having said that, we shouldn’t be pissed off at Sukleen or Naameh people but instead a good idea to protest would be dumping all our garbage in front of our politicians’ houses and villas, then maybe they’ll do something about it.

79bca59ef7a23482f97e55c845c989f7-d1zrv5t via Ghazayel