There are no words to describe the taste of a Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie…
I’m on a diet now so I try as much as possible to avoid eating sweets and junk food, but today I failed big time, but it was soooo worth it.

So I went up to the cashier and the guy asked me if I’d like to sit and be served or just do take-out. I told him I’ll just have a cookie to go. I chose the regular chocolate chip cookie.

I took the bag and started going up the escalator when I took my first bite of the cookie…. It was fantastic!
I went up to the 1st level, turned around and went back down and ordered 2 more and ate them on the spot… so much for my diet. And I took another one to go in the end…

The cookie costs 2$ but u can get a dozen for 18$, and it’s worth it.

They have all kinds of cookies, with smarties, rice krispy treats, nuts..

I highly recommend that anyone who’s reading this try them.

The shop is located on the basement floor of the ABC Dbayeh, dunno if they have any other stores though.