Telecom Minister Boutros Harb announced today the new rates in regards to the DSL and 3G in Lebanon. Unlike what was previously announced, the rates will be effective starting July 1st and not June 1st. Here are the changes introduced:

– There will be an unlimited internet service offered for the 2Mbps DSL speeds.
– Postpaid customers will get 60 min for free for the $15 charge they were paying monthly.
– Getting a fixed line will cost now 12,000LL instead of 50,000LL.
– For Prepaid lines, one minute will cost now 25 cents (instead of 36 cents), and an SMS 5 cents (instead of 9 cents).

The new DSL rates are practically the same as the ones I posted a week ago. You can check them out [Here] and I posted below the summary I wrote previously:

The DSL 1Mbps (4G and 10G), and the 2Mpbs (20GB) plans will be cancelled and replaced with the 2Mpbs (40GB) and priced at 24,000LL per month which was the lowest rate available. A new 2Mbps service (Unlimited) plan will be introduced and priced at 75,000LL monthly. Moreover the 4Mbps (25GB) will be upgraded to 50GB and its price slashed by more than 50% (From 115,000 LL to 50,000 LL per month). The 6 & 8Mbps plans will also get double the quotas at half the original pricing. Moving on to the HDSL, and I really hope this is true, we will get 80GB instead of 40GB at almost half the price (125,000 LL instead of 225,000 LL).

Moving on to the 3G/4G plans, and this is awesome news, 10$ will now get you 500MB instead of 150, 19$ will get you 1.5GB instead of 750 Mb and 29$ will get you 5GB instead of the current 1.5GB plan.

PS: Screenshots taken from WalidKaram.