This is the third or fourth time i go to Jbeil this summer and i must say i am finding it very enjoyable everytime.

I had tickets for Riverdance, the Irish dancing show, who are performing for three consecutive nights at the Byblos Festivals. There was little traffic to get to the theater and parkings and guides to help you out everywhere. You walk along the Byblos seaport to get to the amphitheater that’s located right on the beach. We were seated on the second row few meters away from the dancers which was great. The whole show was breathtaking and i recommend it to everyone. It is entertaining and beautiful to watch.

After it was over, we went to Ksar restaurant in Jbeil also to have a drink. The place looks like an old renovated house and is very spacy from the inside. The menu was very rich and had some specialities that looked quite interesting, three of which caught my attention.

(Those are drinks)
Taht el Arishi: Arak, PineApple, Liquorice.

Kan Zaman: White wine, Blackcurrant, Halloumi Cheese.

Abou el Zolof: Gin, Date, Orange, Grenadine.

I never thought Arak could be mixed with anything, and PineApple didn’t look quite appealing to me. Halloumi Cheese in the second drink seemed a bit nasty and i hate Gin so i didn’t try the third one as well.

I went for a fruity cocktail instead that consisted of “ward” and lemon, and wasn’t bad at all.

Afterwards, i left back home without facing any traffic on the way back. It was a great night out and definitly better than going to Beirut and getting stuck in all the traffic on the roads and inside the pubs and restaurants.