I always enjoy events that are well organized, even when crowded and yesterday’s night-life exchange project was really great! Even though the location was tricky and the only way to get there was through the maritime road facing Jal el Dib bridge next to Aishti, there was barely any traffic at all time, parking space for everyone either on the sideways or in large parkings next to the place.

Inside, there was a large spot in the middle for people to dance or just stand there and mingle and on the sides tables and couches. I should have probably called and reserved a table in advance but it never occurred to me it would be like that. Nevertheless, the music and atmosphere were great and i am starting to like this Smirnoff Vodka more and more. Last time i had it was at Mandaloun and it was not that heavy and tasted good.

So in all, last night was very much enjoyable and am looking forward for next year.