I finally received today an SMS from MTC Touch notifying me that the “3G will now be active on my phone for a 1 month trial period”.

I quickly put my MTC Touch SIM in my friend’s Nokia N8 and tried connecting but was unable to. I called MTC and they told me there are few settings needed to be done and told me to check my email in 10 minutes time. This was 6 hours ago and I didn’t receive anything yet until two minutes ago I received settings for iPhones!

The only reason I didn’t use the SIM on my iPhone yet is that I need to cut the SIM to be able to plug it in, (My original line which I am using on the iPhone is an Alfa line) so I will fix it at a nearby mobile store and attempt the 3G once again back at home.

If anyone already received the settings for a Nokia from MTC Touch, I would appreciate if you share them.