When I traveled two weeks ago, I had the chance to go wait in the VIP Cedar Lounge for a change instead of roaming around in the duty free stores.

The place was nicer than I expected and had free internet access as well as free access to an open buffet and bar. The food however wasn’t that great as it mainly consisted of cold sandwiches, croissants and a small table for desserts.

I had a 3 hours wait, so after I ate and had a drink, I took a walk around the lounge and found a Kids area. I am not sure why it is called a Kids area as PS3s, Wii and Arcade games are not just for children. Also, you don’t get “Kids Area” when you translate “Salle des jeux” or “Sallat Al Al3ab” to English.

Anyway, I went in to try out all the games since there was no one and I had 2 hours to kill but it turned out nothing was working for some reason. So I headed back to my couch, watched some TV and browsed the internet.

It is definitely much better than waiting like everyone else does as the couches are really comfortable and the place is not crowded and you have free internet, but it is not that fancy for a VIP lounge.