If you ever decide to give your child a connected device, it is important to make sure that you are in total control because it’s a big an dangerous virtual world out there, just as dangerous as the real one sometimes if not more.

Awareness is never enough on that topic but it’s a good start and the Ministry of Social Affairs/Higher Council of Childhood has just kicked off an online campaign called Ntebho_Online “highlight that the virtual world is as real as real life and that threats online are threats offline”.

The short video to promote the campaign will surely make parents reconsider giving their kids mobile phones and iPads but that’s not the right way to handle this matter. Children should learn how to browse responsibly and parents need to be able to monitor what’s happening and there are many ways to do so.

In fact, Jimmy wrote a [lengthy post] on that matter almost a year ago that I HIGHLY advise you read.

Here’s the short video:

The campaign is tackling the following threats from March 17th till 24th:
Violent Extremism – because many young people are being targeted and recruited online.
Harassment – because harassers are taking advantage of young people who are active online without any guidance or supervision.
Cyberbullying – because bullies do not measure the consequences of their actions and victims are unaware of their rights and the measures to keep them safe.
– Internet Addiction – the reasons and the consequences.

You can find further info [here].