Even though keeping exotic pets was finally banned in Lebanon back in September 2016, there are still lions & tigers (and even bears) being smuggled illegally and showing on social media.

The latest incident involved three baby tigers that were stuck at Beirut’s airport in horrendous conditions. They were unable to stand or move and had no choice but to urinate and defecate on each other. Animals Lebanon have been following up on this matter and reported the following:

As soon as we were alerted about the shipment of baby tigers arriving to Beirut Airport, we alerted the Ministry of Agriculture and Customs. These endangered animals landed on Tuesday, 7 March at 7:00 pm. Ministry staff went to the scene to the airport to check the shipment.
Owner presented paperwork showing that these baby tigers are going to Syria and not Lebanon and he presented CITES permits for Syria. He also said that their flight is next day at 6 PM with ShamWings. Three days passed and baby tigers still stuck in their so called crate.
ShamWings employee stated to us that they don’t have ventilated planes for live animal transport.
Seven days passed and tigers remained in a closed box – The welfare of these animals was in question and there were serious concerns about their conditions locked in that box. We had to act and we went to Judge of urgent matters of Baabda Mr. Hasan Hamdan asking for immediate confiscation of these tigers to help them survive. Tigers are now safe thanks to Judge’s order.

The baby tigers are safe in Animals Lebanon’s care until further decision from Judge. I hope they will be able to not let them reach their final destination and be sent to a sanctuary instead.