Animals Lebanon has been lobbying for years to ban the keeping of big cats such as “lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, and any hybrid combination any of these species that results from breeding with the exception of registered zoos and rescue centers”. They’ve been urging the authorities to close down zoos that don’t meet the minimum standards required to keep such animals and confiscate all the big cats in badly managed zoos or not in registered zoos and rescue centers and it’s finally happening!

The keeping of lions, tigers and other big cats is now prohibited in Lebanon, zoos must register with the Ministry and comply with strong new regulations and private owners have two months to give up any big cats in their possession. Since the Ministry cannot afford keeping these animals, Animals Lebanon has committed to caring for these animals until they can go to specialized sanctuaries.

Back in August 2015, a one-year old lion died “of complications resulting from severe malnourishment. In the care of a private owner, the cub had shattered its legs jumping from a couch before being sent back to the zoo it was purchased from, Animal City”.

Thumbs up to Animals Lebanon for another major success and let’s keep on supporting them to “improve the welfare of animals through comprehensive national animal protection and welfare legislation”.

For those interested, I recommend you read this [excellent post] by Jeremy Arbid on that topic.