I got a mail today that says:
As of yesterday May31 Ogero is blocking all Voice Over IP ports. Meaning any device using VOIP such as MagicJack, Linksys or Cisco VOIP boxes are all being blocked, as well as some SoftPhone VOIP services such as RingCentral and many others.

I remember getting similar mails in the past few months but no official statement could be found to confirm this story. It doesn’t surprise me though as the Internet as a whole sucks in Lebanon and it is all due to the ministry and the government. VOIP is crucial to many businesses in Lebanon, i don’t know which idiot, if they really did, decided to come up with such measures.

Here are some psychological symptoms you might face while using the Internet in Lebanon. (Via Maya’s Amalgam)

PS: While i was looking for official Ogero statements on that matter, i found out that we have a Lebanese geeks website and forums. Pretty cool!