I gladly took part in Picon’s 50 years campaign that celebrated motherhood in all its forms from the beginning of the journey till the end of it. Picon’s homage to the Lebanese mother was reflected in a series of videos of Lebanese mothers from all over Lebanon.

To be honest, I only had to choose and share one of them but I watched the whole series and loved it and thought it was worth highlighting them all! Some videos were sad, others joyful and inspiring and there were many stories I was able to relate to in my family and my surrounding.

This is the one I shared recently and that reminds me of the day I found out we were having a baby:

Here’s a video about a mother who wanted 10 children:

And another who’s just happy with one:

Here’s a video about mothers whose children have left home.

And one about Faten, a mother to 27 kids at Sesobel, “a mother in all sense of the term because she raised them with all the love and care a mother can give to her children”.

Despite my endless love to my child, I will never be able to love him and care for him the way his mother does. It’s just different and it’s beautiful 🙂

You can check out the rest of the videos [here].