I was out yesterday for dinner with a group of people and at one point, they opened up a very “insightful” talk on horoscopes that went on for half an hour or so. It usually takes years and years of studies to figure out the human character, but not for some of the people i was listening to. They didn’t need Freud or Nietszche but had it all figured out based on Maguy Farah’s horoscopes.

” Burj el Jawzaa(Virgin) ma byittifi2 ma3 Burj el Taur (Taurus) ”

“mich ma32oul keef kel jame3it el 7out (Pisces) byichbaho ba3ed!”

“Ana 2ebne ken badde ye yekhla2 bi Kanoun la2anno el Jadi (Capricorn) bi2a33id charactero”

“El Dalou (Aquarius) kteer neji7 bi 7ayeto wou hané”

Ya3ne ya ma7la chauffeur el taxi wou khbaro !!!