First, i wanna wish all our Muslim readers a happy Ramadan.

Second, i always had the impression Muslims liked to go out and have Iftars in restaurants and all during Ramadan, but then i started realizing they’d rather have their Iftars home with their families and all. I am not sure for what reason they prefer home-made Iftars, but i will take a wild guess and say Iftars in restaurants really suck!

I’ve been invited in the past few years to many Iftars and some in really good restaurants and the food is just less tastier than the usual and very average and dry. For example, i’ve had an Iftar in Phoenicia two years back, food was average and i barely had any time to finish it before the waiter took away my plate. Another Iftar i had was in La Plage in Ain el Mraisse. Food was average and the combination of dishes was prone to turning someone sick for a week. Hommos and Fattoush and Soup and then Kebbe bi Labniyye as a main dish.
Sweets are also not that good, starting with Kellej and that weird baklawa lookalike that they do in Ramadan (I forgot its name).

Honestly, if i were fasting for 8 hours, i would expect a much much better food quality than the one i’ve seen being offered in Lebanese restaurants.