Christmas is a time for giving but it’s always important to give to the right organizations & NGOs that are really making a difference in our Lebanese society. Unfortunately, we have more NGOs than people in need in Lebanon (not really but you get my point) and very few of them are truly worth supporting. Among these very few, Brave Heart Fund, Association for Forests Development and Conservation (AFDC) & the Nawaya Network are NGOs that I highly respect and admire and that I’ve been supporting for years. I love what they stand for, how they are positively impacting our society and I applaud Touch for kicking off this initiative and selecting all three of them to support during Christmas.

About the NGOS:

AFDC: This is one of the oldest and most active NGOs in Lebanon that deal with the environment and work on achieving a sustainable conservation of natural resources, as well as raising awareness and building capacities to contribute to the national efforts for better environmental management. They’ve been lobbying for years for changes in environmental and sustainable development policies and preventing harm to the environment despite all the difficulties.

Brave Heart Fund: “No child should die from heart disease because of a lack of funds”. That’s what this NGO has been trying to achieve for years by collecting funds to help treat babies diagnosed with heart diseases at birth. 100% of all donations are used to cover medical expenses and they’ve been able to save a lot of children since 2003.

The Nawaya Network: I’ve been supporting and following up on this NGO since day 1 and their award-winning online platform has been helping connect promising disadvantaged youth with mentors, businesses, and institutions since 2013.

How Can You Help?

The #PositiveTouch campaign is aimed at raising awareness on these NGOs but will also result in supporting one of them financially with $15,000. People will get to vote for their favorite NGO by using the #PositiveTouch and #(NameofNGO) (#‎Nawaya‬, #‪‎AFDCLebanon‬ or ‪#‎BraveHeartFund‬) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Touch will reward the people’s choice by the end of the campaign on December 27 at midnight.

What matters the most is that all three NGOs will gain a substantial exposure and that people will get to engage in a socially responsible discussion for a change and help trend hashtags that actually make sense and that can leave a positive impact on our society.

So let’s start voting and raising awareness on important causes and a Merry Christmas to you all!