The Lebanese parliament agreed to cancel the unjust 6 diaspora seats and set an earlier date for the 2022 elections on the 27th of March, instead of holding them during May. However, the president has declined to ratify Parliament’s decision citing climatic and logistical factors, and also adding that 10,685 Lebanese would be deprived of their right to vote, as they would not have reached the age of 21, if elections are held in March.

The president “relied in his decision on several legal and constitutional studies to explain the violations in the aforementioned law”, but they are not convincing enough especially that the majority of the parliament has voted in favor.

To begin with, the weather issue is ridiculous. So what if it rains? We’re holding the elections in March not during winter time. As for the Lebanese who would not have reached the age of 21 in March, this will be the case for any selected month of the year so it doesn’t add up. Last but not least, the decision to cancel the 6 expat seats and allow them to vote for all 128 MPs is the soundest.

What happens now?

Sawtivoice explains in details what happens next, but to make it short:
– The parliament needs an absolute majority to pass the law once again following the president’s request.
– Once passed, a request to review the law could be submitted to the constitutional council by the president, or prime minister, or speaker of the house, or 10 MPs. This will likely happen but the odds will be against them given that the amendments done do not appear to be unconstitutional and were agreed on by the majority in the parliament.

All in all, the law is almost official UNLESS there are hidden agendas to delay or cancel the expats elections or elections altogether. Nevertheless, it is important to register before November 20 if you’re not planning to fly back home and vote.