President Aoun Offers Unconvincing Reasons To Return Amended Electoral Law

The Lebanese parliament agreed to cancel the unjust 6 diaspora seats and set an earlier date for the 2022 elections on the 27th of March, instead of holding them during May. However, the president has declined to ratify Parliament's decision citing climatic and logistical factors, and also adding that 10,685 Lebanese would be deprived of their right to vote, as they would not have reached the age of 21, if elections are held in March.…

Proposal Dropped for a Women’s Quota in The 2022 Lebanon Elections

The Lebanese parliament could not be bothered today to allocate more than two minutes to discuss a women’s quota in the upcoming 2022 elections. The proposal to amend Article 2 of the electoral law which secures 26 seats for women in the parliament and forces electoral lists to include 40% of female candidate was quickly dismissed. This is the second time that the parliament has failed to include a women’s quota in the law and…

#Elections2022: Same Nationality, Same Rights!

2 weeks ago
The online registration for Lebanese expats begun a week ago, but it’s still not clear whether expats will have the right to vote in their respective electoral districts or be restricted to only 6 seats. ...

You Can Choose “Non Sectarian” When Registering To Vote Online

2 weeks ago
For those of you who did not register yet to vote in the upcoming Lebanese elections, there is an option to choose “non sectarian” in the confession dropdown list. I don’t know if this option ...

Lebanese Expats Can Start Registering To Vote On October 1

3 weeks ago
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced today that voter registration will be open between October 1st and November 20th 2021. Expats will be able to register online or by visiting their local embassy/consulate. What ...

Lebanon 2022 Elections: The Six “Expats” Seats Must Be Cancelled!

1 month ago
The parliamentary law adopted in 2017 was the first to allow expats to cast their votes; however the rules were very poorly publicized, turnout was low, registered voters lists were leaked and the whole process ...