Around 150K expats have registered so far to vote for the 2022 elections with only 5 days left. The number constitutes around 15% of the total expats eligible to vote, which is a very low percentage but nevertheless, is still twice as much as 2018.

This being said, I am seeing a lot of comments from people not willing to register because their votes won’t change much, that elections are not transparent and that the upcoming elections will only bring back the same politicians. This logic is flawed for a number of reasons:

– Low turnouts have proven to benefit political parties in Lebanon in all past elections. Encouraging more people, whether it’s locals or expats, to vote is key to make change happen.
– Whether you choose to vote or not, registration is crucial to show that there’s a considerable number of expats willing to take part in the upcoming elections.
– Hesitating to register will discourage others from doing so, and will once again BENEFIT the ruling & traditional parties.

All in all, you still have 5 days to register. Click the [link] and do it today!