I always carry some cash in my wallet but I’d rather use my credit/debit cards for all my payments, especially when I’m ordering lunch or dinners because it’s much more convenient. A friend of mine was also telling me the other day that she hates paying cash on delivery and that there aren’t that many restaurants that accept card payment, so I ran a quick search to see which restaurants do.

Funnily enough, a couple of years ago, I was ordering food from a popular restaurant chain and they told me that I could pay using my Credit Card. As it turns out, the guy would come deliver the food, take my credit card, go make the payment at the nearest branch and then come back for me to sign. Needless to say, I told them I’d rather pay in cash until they figure out a safer and more reasonable way to do so and they did few months after.

Going back to the list of restaurants that accept card payment on delivery, I mentioned the ones I already know and made use of Zomato and Onlivery to come with the following list:

– Roadster Diner
– Zaatar W Zeit
– Crepaway
– Kababji
– Diwan Beirut
– Casper & Gambinis
– Burger King
– Deek Duke
– Sandwich W Noss
– Classic Burger Joint
– Tomatomatic
– Umai Wok
– Woodbees

I already asked Zomato Beirut to help out with a complete list and they are working on it. Until then, please let me know if I missed any restaurants and I will gladly add them.