My wife and I have a rule: Whenever I take her to watch one of my horror/action/thriller movies, I have to go to the movies with her and watch romantic comedies/chick flicks. Yesterday was an exception. I asked her to come along to the premiere of ‘How To Be Single’ because Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson are all in the movie and I am a fan of all three of them, especially Wilson who’s hilarious.

The movie is about four girls, Alice, Robin, Lucy and Meg who all want to learn how to be single in world filled with ever-evolving definitions of loves. Dakota Johnson plays the role of a young woman (Alice) who’s experiencing single life after being in a relationship for a long time, then she meets the “being single” expert and fun-loving Robin one day and her life turns upside down. The plot is a deja-vu but the movie was quite good and very funny. Rebel Wilson (Robin)’s jokes cracked me up and a couple of them were hilarious! (Wait for the LTRP joke) and Alice was fun to watch throughout the movie. Aside from being funny, the movie does make you think about certain things in life whether you are single, married or in a serious relationship.


One thing I didn’t like though is that it was a bit too long and I got bored at some point. But if you are looking for a entertaining and fun movie to watch with your date or your wife, or need more reasons to stay single this Valentine’s, then I recommend you go watch How To Be Single.

Rating: 3.25/5