I’ve always visited Paul to get his hot and yummy breads for breakfast but never thought about having dinner there. I don’t know why i had the impression it was a really expensive place for older people, but i gave it a try two weeks ago and i could not have been more wrong.

The food was excellent and very affordable and customers were from all ages. The atmosphere and service were also good.

Before ordering, i sat outside on the terrasse but we were practically on the highway and there was a lot of noise, so i moved back in.

I ordered as an “entrée” a cheese plate, containing goat cheese, roquefort, emmental and brie. It came with hot bread, small walnuts, dates and a side iceberg salad.The plate cost around 20,000 LL.

As for the main dishes, i ordered for my gf a “Feuilleté Atlantique” (consisting of a carré feuilleté, saumon mariné, avocat & fromage blanc) and for myself “Poulet Roti a la moutarde” (Blanc de poulet cuit au four, moutarde a l’ancienne, pommes de terre). Both plates were succulent and filling. Afterwards, i wanted to go for desserts but there were not many available which i did not appreciate much.

In all, the experience was surprisingly great and i would definitly give it another try.